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Whats So Cool About Esalen Institute?

0 Comments 29 October 2011

You mean..
Apart from being the birthplace of the Human Potential Movement, and resting on 22 acres of some of the most ruggedly stunningly beautiful coastline in North America?

Apart from the hot springs and schmorgasbord of every kind of movement/artistic/creative/spiritual/deep change workshop you can imagine?
The long smooth slippery and patented strokes of the Esalen Massage, and the fact that their 50th anniversary is coinciding with this whole 11/11/11 thing?

Well..there are quite a few other cool things, things I learned when I spent five weeks there as a work study participant in fall of 2005. If you haven’t dropped out of society yet, try it, you’ll like it!

  • There is amazing wholesome and nourishing organic food, grown a few steps from the kitchen.
  • There are the famous natural hot spring tubs and glass-walled showers on cliffs above the Pacific.
  • There are great conversations with fantastic people who have lived there on-proprerty or are visiting from all over the world.
  • There is a fantastic meditation hut over a creek, a quiet and private beach and lots of room to just meander.
  • There is an outdoor early education preschool called Gazebo Park School that looks super fun.
  • There is an intellectual/research brain trust called the Center for Theory and Research that was started by Michael Murphy in 1962 and is still going strong.

But to me and my Apollonian temperament, the best of the best is that the whole place (its values, buildings, people (past and present) and future vision is organized around supporting and accelerating the evolution and transformation of individuals and scoiety.  Something in the air, the light, the place fosters that inner alchemy in just the right way for you, whether that takes the form of a gentle and private retreat and soak, dramatic play, somatic work, meditation, or some esoteric woo woo sister Moon practices to rock your whole personality structure to the core and shake your Etch-A-Sketch clean.

This about says it: “It is a place, as Thomas Wolfe said about America, “where miracles not only happen, but where they happen all the time.”

All this and more and more is why, starting November 10th, I am excited to become the new Marketing Communications Manager at Esalen. You’re invited to celebrate that and yourself, by nourishing yourself as deeply as you care to.

Oh, and here is the link to the PDF of the new catalog that just came out.

And you can get a print version mailed to you too. How cool is that?

See you soon.

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