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Jeddah Mali at Stillheart Institute

No Comments 25 March 2011

Jeddah Mali at Stilheart Institute

My friend and spiritual mentor Jeddah Mali made a rare U.S. appearance at the Stillheart Institute in Woodside California on April 15th-17th, 2011. Below is a slideshow and event photo gallery of the images from the event:

Spiritual Retreat at Stillheart Institute with Jeddah Mali – Images by doug ellis

If you would like to deepen your sense of being and feel inspired by our global interdependence and your role in it, by all means please join us! Howard Martin, Vice President of HeartMath, will also be making an appearance to discuss the Earth’s electromagnetic fields and what this is increasingly revealing to us about the interaction between human beings and the Earth.

The setting and venue are world-class.

The registration page and full details can be found here: http://jeddahmali.com/california-april.php

I will be there photographing the event and offering portrait sessions to the attendees.

Here is some of what you can expect in this two day experience of global harmony:

We will look at the universal laws that govern existence, and how a better understanding of these laws will enable us to transform our thinking and realign our intentions towards individual and collective health, happiness and harmony.

We will examine our predisposition for peace and contentment, and see that we are hardwired for harmony – both individually and collectively. We will be exploring the truth of that within our own experience and where we might be freer and clearer in our understanding and experience (and thus bestow freedom and clarity upon the world).

We will look at the options that are available to humanity at this time of increased challenge and examine the poignant questions:

  • What does the future world we desire require of us now?
  • And what are the most viable options for achieving this on an individual, societal and global level?

We will also share some of the ground-breaking science on the Earth’s electromagnetic fields and what this is increasingly revealing to us about the interaction between human beings and the Earth.

Please join me in spending two days with Jeddah at this incredible event, with special guest Howard Martin of  (Heartmath / Global Coherence Initiative).

Spirituality & Transformation

Revenge of the Lightworkers

1 Comment 03 February 2011

Have you noticed the new premium on essence and the space around things? A ping-or-be pinged world demands constant curating and can create bone-weary word fatigue so deep even a 100-character tweet washes over us in a haze.

The virtual becomes hollow so fast that even among hardcore digiterati there is a head to heart flight to “slow food”, email curfews, wisdom circles, and community gardens..anything embodied and unplugged.

Thankfully, technology can help silence itself and our tech gadgets are getting smart at filtering pesky thought forms, blocking  popups, silencing robot telemarketers.

We are now learning to do the same with our energy hygiene—to filter our influences at etheric level, to block lower and increase higher frequencies and make conscious choices about who/what/where we let our beingness be. In these transitional times, it is increasingly vital that we become fluent in energy cultivation and exchange and learn to speak the lingua franca of life, and synchronize to wiser, broader rhythms.

An etheric digital divide is forming in the New Earth. Knowledge workers are being replaced and eclipsed by light workers. A light worker in the broadest sense is someone who helps others grow in love or holds space and energy to create what desires to be done. Light workers are people who live cultivating, directing and applying light consciously, who up level every situation and environment by their “mere” presence.

Doreen Virtue’s definition of a lightworker is: those who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear.

I love this definition because it includes way more people than just energy healers, clairvoyants, or those in the traditional helping professions. There are thousands of flavors of light workers in all occupations and roles of society.

If you are a light worker, you may have noticed (and smiled) at the fact that you now have a seat at the economic and political table. Not just the kiddie massage table off in a darker corner somewhere, but the real grown-up middle of the dining room, silverware and service table.The personal economies of shamans of energy and space are transforming from microeconomics to macro. The empaths/healers/clair-anythings who were at the fringes and margins of society are being pulled into the middle  by necessity. No longer confined to spiritual refugee camps like Sedona, Boulder, or Marin County, energy and vibrational “bridge people” now have the critical mainstream mass to catalyze global transformation.

This is bigger than just a woo-woo healing weekend thing, crystals, Tarot cards, or a Reiki master. I’m talking about a whole new way of living where we don’t wipe our feet on being en route to crossing off a task. I’m talking about measuring and graphing the vibration of your website or a thought or a song in a concrete, tangible way, and deliberately creating a certain frequency as a kind of lighthouse beacon to your tribe. I’m talking about calibrating every single thought, color, fabric, space, sound, smell with a level of specificity that would make David Hawkins gasp.

We are moving beyond knowing to unpacking the resonant vibrational signature of something. Beyond personal illness to a broader awareness of its role in the planetary ascencion.  Beyond being entertained to deeply appreciating. Most importantly from human doing to human being.

Light workers are leading this silent revolution in vibration. This wave of conscious energy movers, healers, and shakers is the second or third generation or second wave of “cultural creatives” and pioneers in the New Earth.

Conscious beings of light and love are taking their seats at the head of the socioeconomic table and it’s happening now. Can you feel it?

How will your vibration help shape this new Earth?

Please post comments below and visit the resources below to learn more.

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