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No Comments 03 January 2010

The other, older, and much much wealthier Doug Ellis who got into Wikipedia before I did, is known as “Deadly Doug” owns the Aston Villa Football Club in the UK.  Brady Haran of  BBC Birmingham TV had some fun winding the home fans up with a series of  “investigative pieces” with me in July 2006 where they asked me to suggest what I would do with the team. Not being a soccer fan, I had no idea what all the fuss was about and had to move quickly to bring myself up to speed to come up with a few evocative ideas having very little to do with soccer or the merits and esteemed lineage and of this fine club and its players.

I was also interviewed for a Birmingham, UK radio show. though if that interview aired I never heard it.

tv and video clips of doug ellis

It was all in good fun, and got some people seriously confused as I received a few emails either vilifying or praising me as they thought I was the other Doug Ellis with actual plans for the club.

Here is the link to the full article on Doug Ellis’s Grand Plans for Aston Villa Football Club.

Clips highlighting the investigative Googling and video editing skills of Mr. Haran as he tracked me down in Colorado:

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