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A Photography Invocation

1 Comment 22 September 2011

Photography to me is both a celebration and quiet vindication for all the ways society tries to keep us small.

As the subject, it is an opportunity to presence yourself consciously and step into and be witnessed in your unified greatness.  It is a rare and healing thing.

How often are us grown-ups seen and appreciated for the miracle we truly are?  Photography gives one permission.  Light is the language unity speaks.  Everything else is a bad translation.

This is the start of a new incarnation.
How you presence yourself is a choice.

You’ve earned the right to live
as a triumph of light.

You’ve earned that face
and Life’s weathering upon it.

Why hide it?

Step through and let
your eyes smile with mine.

I see you.

doug ellis signatureAlso see: One Photographer’s Prayer.




Doug Ellis Photography Manifesto

No Comments 07 January 2011

And did you feel it, in your heart, how it pertained to everything?
And have you too finally figured out what beauty is for?
And have you changed your life?

~ Mary Oliver

Who I Am

I behold and am beheld by the beauty and intelligence of light.   I am a messenger, explorer, and spaceholder. I am also an empath/healer/writer/marketing professional/webmaster and spiritual life coach.

What I do

  • I express your brand essence and best self in pictures.
  • I convey your truth visually and energetically in crystalline light.
  • I photograph as an act of devotion and reverence.
  • I encourage you to Presence yourself consciously and fully and instinctively cooperate with what comes forth.
  • I give voice to silence and a sense of the ineffable.
  • I stand for true expressions, in between moments, and the interplay of gesture, color, light and shadow.
  • I convey the heights and depths of human experience.
  • I lightly hold the moments that matter.
  • I photograph portraits and sacred ceremonies and spiritual conferences and events.
  • I give people at the thresholds of life a friendly shove by the parachute.

Why it matters

  • Because light has its own intelligence and way of loving and wants to be revealed.
  • Because its healing and revealing to be deeply seen.
  • Because life is never the same way twice.
  • Because beauty, humor, and silence crave and deserve our attention.
  • Because you aren’t here. Here is in you.
  • Because having your light and openness reflected back aligns your inner and outer life.
  • Because remembering your basic goodness and soul’s purpose feels good.
  • Because its hard being a grownup all the time. Its much more fun, productive and profitable to lead with your being.
  • Because your new website, brochure, book jacket, or CD/DVD cover photo will help people “get you” and your tribe to follow you.
  • Because it feels better to finance your faith than your fear.
  • Because attention and awareness are the deepest gifts we have to offer one another.

See www.dougellisphotography.com and www.dougellisphoto.com for some of my current work.

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