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Top 5 Films That Make Me Want to Take More Risks (and Five That Make Me Glad for the Status Quo)

No Comments 13 January 2013

I love documentaries and indie films because the way life reveals itself in our habitats, lifestyles, and relationships is in many ways is more beautiful, fantastic and weird than anything that could be fabricated on a huge Hollywood soundstage.

Watch a movie like Hands on a Hardbody or even Indie Game and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

This round-up is a sequel to my post called “Strongly Inspiring Documentaries about Strong People: My List of Oscar Nominees for 2011”, although these are not all Oscar nominees (or all documentaries), I thought I would share a few of my top 5 lists.

I recently discovered a site with free and often obscure documentaries called Top Documentary Films. Check it out.

Top 5 Films That Make Me Want to Either Take Bolder Risks in Life or Curl Up in Shame for Not Taking Bolder Risks in Life

1. The Cove
2. Gasland
3. An Inconvenient Truth
4. Thrive
5. Suicide Tourist

Top 5 Films That Made Me Wish I Had Been Born Earlier so I Could Have Been an Actual and Official Hippie

1. Easy Rider
2. Surfwise
3. George Harrison: Living in the Material World
4. Joni Mitchell Woman of Heart and Mind
5. Ram Das: Fierce Grace

Top Five Films That Make Me So So Grateful For My Current Life and Its So Called Problems

1. Glen Gary Glen Ross
3. Hands on a Hardbody
4. Requiem for a Dream
5. Beasts of the Southern Wild

Top Five Quirky and Evocative Fun on Several Levels

1. Inside the Actors Studio: Robin Williams
2. Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice
3. Defending Your Life
4. The Workshop
5. Truman Show

Just for Fun

Strongly Inspiring Movies about Strong People: My List of Documentary Oscar Nominees

No Comments 24 February 2011

I have a flair for finding very obscure independent and documentary films. The so-called “categories” the Netflix algorithm cooks up for me string together unlikely adjectives like “visually striking cerebral foreign movies” and “understated biographical documentaries.”

I love stories about people who “find the grain in their own wood.” Especially really eccentric artists and musicians, geniuses, misfits, and social underdogs who persevere despite overwhelming odds and succeed on their own terms. There is something completely riveting about watching a soul express what it was born to do in an unvarnished way. To me, these true originals creating against all odds deserve an Oscar.

An iconoclast is “a person who attacks established or traditional concepts, principles, laws, etc.” But most of the people chronicled in the list below aren’t overtly against anything. They are strongly for something, following their own calling and the creative impulse so closely and intently that the warp and woof of societal norms bends and shapes in their wake. Still they don’t look up. They do what the do, be who they be, out of love.

So here is my list of obscure documentary films that deserve an Oscar. Click on a link below to see a trailer or related clip.

Agnes Martin: With my Back to the World
• A Man Named Pearl
• Born Into Brothels
• Emmanuel’s Gift
• Ram Dass: Fierce Grace
• Hoop Dreams
• Into Great Silence
• Joni Mitchell: Woman of Heart and Mind
• Man on Wire
• My Flesh and Blood
Rivers and Tides
• The Cruise

Check out at least one or two of these films and let me know what you think.


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