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Little things that keep me sane

0 Comments 05 May 2012

Esalen garden in SpringThis list is of a different focus than the longer list of favorites and sponsors, and is instead a short list core practices I use to shift my state and  re-connect me to what is essential, life-affirming and self-renewing. In the book Leadership and the New Science, Margaret Wheatley writes about how nature and life in general heals itself by reconnecting itself to as many parts of itself as it can.

If the quasi-ness and pace of modern life has you thinking that peace of mind is no longer a choice, but a distant, out-of-reach memory or fantasy, and your nerves are too frazzled and tweaked to take Timothy Leary’s advice to “trust your nervous system” take a few moments to play with one of these.

Go barefoot. Get barefoot onto some ground or (non sprayed) grass, ideally early morning dewy grass. Being barefoot in dewy grass is actually an ancient Qi Gong move and one of the oldest natural treatments is to strengthen immunity, stimulate intestinal functions, relieve   chest and throat irritation and headaches. Walk slowly, breathe into your belly and feel deeply into your feet while  paying attention to the beauty all around you.

Listen to Music. Find some great music and even better create some or combine some of your favorites. I like listening to Bach when I work and have found Hyperion Records a tremendous source for hard-to-find and excellent classical music. Pandora and Spotify are also fantastic sources for streaming/internet music, and if you want to be entertained with a stream of entertaining and often humorous words, check out the This American Life App, available from the Apple store.

Laugh. I haven’t actually done laughter yoga yet, at least not in a formal way with a group, but I have seen some funny youtube videos of it. But what I do like to do to make myself laugh is hang out with funny friends and also scan Netflix for funny campy comedies and also look on Hulu.com for episodes of Portlandia or Modern Family.

Touch and be touched–with bodywork and energy work. It is surprisingly easy to lose touch with your body and the power of being touched in a loving. healing, non-sexual way and there is something deeply restorative and revivifying about being touched just as the soft animal of your body loving what it loves.

Have some Chocolate. I go for the hard dark stuff..72% or higher and Chocolove is now offering an organic 73% Cacao chocolate with cherries that is primo.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Also known as tapping. When I really need to clear and discharge some feelings and negativity I do some EFT, usually with some videos by Brad Yates.

Meditation and Releasing. I’m really enjoying Jack Kornfield’s CD of his top 6 meditations and the free guided meditations by Aleya Dao and Craig Hamilton. I also listen to a variety of guided Sedona Method releases in the car to and from work. You can check out some releases as mp3 files here.

Run, Jump, Dance.  It is hard to be in a funk or bad mood when you are moving your body, whether that is running, jumping, or just dancing around the room. I include yoga in this category of movement, and occasional sessions of deep breathing or breath work, like the powerful and short guided sessions by David Elliot.

May these little breadcrumbs along the trail to help make your journey more joyful and give you some new ways to be gentle with yourself. Feel free to add any tips or tricks below.

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