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Legacy and Lineage Off the Clock

0 Comments 01 January 2012

My  birthday falls just  four days after New Years Day, so a kind of “double whammy” of cultural and personal aspirations sends me into a frenzy of trajectory-setting this time of year.

It is strange, lacking both progeny and a wife, to have a strong feeling of wanting to leave a legacy, but here it is. I want to become and express the best version of myself in service of something larger than this life. 2012 I think will be key for that through synthesis, synthesizing being and doing, time and timelessness, and melding the experiences, influences, and talents of 43 years into something deeply personal enough to be universal, and vibrationally true enough to be timeless. With ease and grace.

Yes.. let me be known for following, with clear-eyed compassion, a heroic, even mythic life journey, with an ease and lightness that inspires others to do the same. People after can live it forward.If and when space/time pancakes in 2012 like some expect it to, I say let it collapse into something great. Let my life being a living puja that the world is meant to be free in and life was made to be enjoyed. If it is enjoyed in the 5th dimension beyond the grid of space and time, all the better.

I’ve never expected anything, especially relationships, to last, and often pretend I’m nearly dead, so its not so strange I consider legacies.

What is a little strange is how rarely our legacies relate to our personal goals. There are so many seen and unseen forces that can live through us and leave a breadcrumb trail behind us on our behalf even when we forget or choose not to. I’m proud and excited for my sister who recently, at 40, discovered the gift of silence and spaciousness and has learned to love the very same unstructured time that used to tyrannize her.

If  I have a choice/influence in the matter of a legacy at all it is in paying attention to the people and places that open me to new frontiers of experience and ways of being.

I think that is why I have lived most of my life in beautiful and inspiring places like Aspen, Esalen, Ojai, Santa Barbara and Carmel.

Why my pantheon of influences is multi-clultural, multi-dimensional, and both incarnated and not.

Why I don’t use an alarm clock or carry a watch. With people, slow is fast and fast is slow.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that Eckhart Tolle spent the two years on the park bench, Joseph Campbell 5 years in the cabin with his books, or Julia Butterfly-Hill 2 years in the branches of a redwood named Luna.

There’s something there.  In the commitment to the chrysalis. This post is to the people who inhabit and tend those sacred places and inner spaces and fires, who organize their lives around them and soak them into the marrow of their bones in a way other people can feel and recognize.

In 2012, here’s to renouncing entitlement and sacrifice and living true lives that burn hot and leave a glow for others to see by. See you around the campfire.


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