Paul Jenkins Phenomenal Hit Tiger at Center

My Coaching Approach and Philosophy

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature.”–Joseph Campbell

My Mission Statement:

I am a creative light worker and conscious philanthropist. I help people clarify, embody and express their essential nature online and in person.

My Commitment and Intent:To Let Your Beingness Be

I take a being-based approach to life and life coaching. It is far from rote or cookie cutter. What you will discover is the grain in your own wood. Your unique and embodied expression as a spiritual being having a human experience. Through direct and personal experience.

Together, we will direct our attention and intention toward both what you want more of, and less of, in service of grater authenticity, balance, and peace in all areas of your life. We will co-create an alliance that will gently expand your awareness of what is possible and give you concrete steps to make it real.

To Surprise
I’ve been graced with a tremendous variety of formative and transformational experiences and teachers, and my intent in coaching is to more deeply realize the power of what emerges, and to surprise us both with what we find together. My clients are renting not only my attention and energy stream but that of all of my ancestors, teachers, guides, helpers, and teachers, magnified by the power of my client’s intent and sincerity and his/her guides as well.

The process is not all seashells and balloons,  My role as spiritual scout and lookout is occasionally to “disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.” Clients often unexpectedly find old behaviors, patterns, habits, relationships, tolerations and other defense structures melting away.

To Empower
In service of your infinite potential, I intend to quickly work my way out of any dependency ( and a job)  by sharing all the tips, tools, and techniques I gained over 25 years in the human potential/spiritual evolution arenas. Through these powerful questions, exercises and resources, you will quickly evolve beyond the role of client and into a role of equal and peer.

To Play
Most people are already doing too much, and “shoulding” on themselves already, and my personality wiring precludes my being a professional cajoler or nag. Its just not my style. Instead, “isness is my business.” Together, we will co-create a light-hearted and fun container for your evolution and growth that is actually enjoyable and sustainable.

What I Ask

Because of the accelerated effect of my coaching, I require an initial three month commitment of two one hour calls and unlimited email support per month.
I ask that you take 100% responsibility for your life and commit wholeheartedly to the coaching relationship during those four months. Generally the homework and calls require setting aside approximately 2-3 hours per week to regain your balance and clarity.

Pay it Forward
First, to apply it to yourself, to gift yourself with the life you were born to live, and then to share your insights in service of others. It is the best way I know to make it real and keep one in a state of gratitude and growth.

If you are ready to more fully embody your authenticity, defined as “personality aligned with soul,” call me at 970-948-3871 or email me.

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