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How Being Soulfish Heals the Planet

1 Comment 03 March 2010

It was Christmas 2002, and I had escaped the cold, ice and shadow of Glenwood Springs and embarked upon a 10-day road trip through Florida, starting with a three day stay at the Naples Bath & Tennis Club, a tennis academy. It was a lifelong dream to attend tennis academy, in the top 10 of my “50 Things to Do Before I Die” list, and I was in my happy place.

I was so enjoying the warmth, the birds, the breeze, and the thousands of things that had gone right and conspired to get me to Naples, I was floating, just letting my beingness be, glowing, not even noticing the drills and the exertion and the sliding and sidestepping of our feet on the green clay. An older, dour and sweaty-faced man pulled me out of my reverie on a break between drills: “What are you smiling about?” he grumbled through clenched jaws. Without thinking I smiled back, “Because I’m happy.”

Later that same day, another man in our group, an elegantly attired, perfectly composed man in his late 60’s with a South African accent and smile lines around his eyes remarked, “You just have the best smile. I love the glow and way you are being. No matter what you do, live to keep that smile on your face.”

It was disorienting to receive two different comments on my beingness in one day when that aspect of us is so often overlooked. To hear it from two different older men was even stranger. There is this cone of silence in the masculine code that precludes giving unsolicited coaching or advice to other men. In olden times men thought that was emasculating, a sign of weakness. I wrote that sentence to see what olden times looks like. I don’t think I’ve ever written it before. Stay with me this gets better.

Because the South African was obviously successful and happy, energetically felt ageless, and could appreciate the moment and my state without apology or expectation, something inside me took notice. Deeply took notice. My belly and heart softened with a deep recognition and relief. I knew that he was talking about something deeper beyond hedonism, that he had a broader context and more intimate experience our fleeting and terminal condition called life than I did, and was touching this moment lightly, playfully, meeting me where I was.

He was talking about being soulfish.

Being “soulfish” is living in alignment with what deeply feeds and nourishes that inner smile. It is a life clear on “for the sake of what?” and a life of service without the strain of sacrifice or effort.

Being soulfish is in a way it is to become invisible, for the relationship to “you” falls away and an enlightened action leaves no trace.

Being soulfish is “being the baby you always was.” and living from your basic goodness, original innocence that is your unique expression. The soul would rather be loathed for what it is than loved for what its not.

It is what Jon Gordon, in the 10 Minute Energy Solution, was talking about when he wrote: “The most powerful way to live a more energetic, happy, rewarding, and meaningful life is to identify your strengths and use them to serve a cause greater than yourself.”

Living “soulfishly” creates its own microclimate and attractor patterns. It unites and allows one to love even when it is inconvenient because life lives and loves itself through you.

My role as a coach is to co-create conditions favorable to the flowering of your soulfishness. We do that together, energetically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Doing that, and being that, the planet heals one person at a time.

If you are ready for that, if you really get that there is no “out there” out there, you are ready to join me on a path of soulfishness.

Sending you a big smile,

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