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Writing has been a loyal companion to me, even when I haven’t always been loyal to it. I am in awe of true wordsmiths who apprentice themselves to the deep devotion and discipline it takes to uncover and reveal what is essential and true, to discover even what we do not want to know. That devotion to clarity and inspiration and the hard work of facing the unknown and the blank page is heroic.

Top 10 Favorite Writers

  1. Thich Nhat Hanh (so clear and lucid with so much space between words and thoughts)
  2. Mary Oliver (New and Selected Poems is the best, and Wild Geese is a personal favorite.)
  3. Annie Dillard (Such a heart and soul and gift for witnessing the natural world and distilling things to their essence. A Writers Life and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek are both amazing.)
  4. E.B White ( Consumate wordsmith and craftsman. Everyone thinks of him for Charlotte’s Web but his Essays are my personal favorites.)
  5. Tie between F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Cheever. Both opened my eyes and mind and articulated lives beyond the expected and ordinary.
  6. Anne Lamott is a consumate writer and wordsmith and I loved Bird by Bird and some of her other books as well.
  7. Tom Wolfe is an amazing literary force and talent and Electric Cool Aid Acid Test one of my favorites of all time.
  8. Ernest Hemingway. I especially enjoy his short stories (Now I Lay Me, A Clean Well Lighted Place) and the Sun Also Rises.

Top 8 Influential Books

  1. Tao te Ching—Lao Tsu
  2. Collected Essays of EB White
  3. The Little Prince Antoine De Saint-Exupery
  4. Emmanuels Book—Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton
  5. The Writing Life—Annie Dillard
  6. The Gift—Hafiz
  7. The Great Shark Hunt–Hunter S. Thompson
  8. Blue Truth—David Deida

One of my favorite “writers” lately is Emmanuel, a channeled being articulating his words through author Pat Rodergast.

I highly recommend a book called “Emmanuel’s Book: A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos.” You can buy it used for a penny on Amazon.  Here is just one example of the gems that can be found on every one of its pages.


Let your prayer be an ongoing renewal.

You pray

by touching the deepest part of you

that longs, that needs, that Is.

Let it speak its own language,

more often than not without words.

The longing itself

is the prayer of life

“I want to be with you again, God.

I want to be Home.

There is no how to prayer.

It simply is.

It is a part of the Oneness.

It is a  part of your coming Home.

Do it whatever way you like.

Prayer is to assure you

of your connection with Home,

much as when you were children

and you left for the day.

There was that moment of panic–

I’m sure you remember it–

when you had to call home

just to be sure

that it was still there.

Prayer is like that.

It is calling Home.

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