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Clarity: Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

0 Comments 06 April 2011

Manifestos, Mission Statements, and Being Values-Driven

Anything standing between where you are now and where you would like to be is clutter. Key to cutting through or stepping beyond it is remembering the “Big 4:”

  1. Discover who you are.
  2. Decide what’s important.
  3. Do what matters.
  4. Keep on keeping the main thing the main thing.

The key to that is really taking the time to do the inner work to get clear on whats here now and what matters to you. It is a discipline that pays huge dividends in your work/life balance because it gives you permission to say no to the things that keep you from moving from good to great, or from what Gay Hendricks, in the book the Upper Limit Problem, calls your Zone of Excellence to your Zone of Genius. Just as importantly, it gives you a compelling “why” that makes all the “footwork” fun instead of a chore. frees up huge energy!  “The most powerful way to live a more energetic, happy, rewarding, and meaningful life is to identify your strengths and use them to serve a cause greater than yourself.–John Gordon.

Manifestos, Mission Statements and Taglines

The Unibomber gave “manifestos” a bad and desperate name but  it is one of the most fluid and powerful ways to articulate and focus your core values around the value you provide to your customers.  I absolutely love these little pieces of crystalline business prose and helping people create, embody, and actualize them.

For examples, see my photography manifesto here and a really great blog post on manifestos for art, life & business here.

There is also a tech sabbath manifesto which you can download a PDF of by clicking here or visiting their website at

Carrie & Danielle have an absolutely fantastic design/creation manifesto at:

Fast Company is always an inspiring resource for business vision and ideas and there is an interesting article and video called How to Write a Mission Statement that Doesn’t Suck.

Conscious Business Resources & Coaches

There are an increasing number of conscious business resources that can help you stay focused on the core principles/values that uniquely define your passion and your business. I am listing a few of my favorites below.

Greg Habstritt has launched numerous businesses and business coaching programs including the Engaged Entrepreneur and Simple Wealth. He has book called The Branson Effect with an online assessment you can take that identifies your core passions driving your business success. He calls it your Success DNA.

My top five success drivers in my success DNA are:

1. peace

2. authenticity

3. elegance

4. beauty

5. creativity

I make sure that each of those are liberally sprinkled into any of my projects and the business and marketing planning I do.

Take the Success DNA assessment for free at

I have also taken the Passion Test with Chris and Janet Atwood twice, and am currently serving as Photo Editor for the online magazine Passion Test Daily. Keeping my own top 5 passions front and center helps me clear through my own organizational clutter and direct my life energy in directions I love most. You can check it out at

Some Favorite Business and Marketing Coaches

There are many, many amazing conscious business and conscious/spiritual marketing coaches and consultants, but some that I find myself tuning into on a regular basis include Jeanna Gabellini, Jim Bunch, and Brian Whetten. I encourage you to contact any of them if there message resonates with you.

If you have any other conscious business coaches or resources you love, please feel free to share them here.

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