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“I may not be the fastest and I may not be the best. But I’m better than anyone who’s faster and faster than anyone who’s better.”–AJ Liebling

My professional road has been a winding one, with many unexpected twists and turns every 3-4 years, but as someone who has made it a career never to repeat myself that suits me just fine. Somehow all of these threads are weaving themselves into an amazing tapestry, and each role and project I take on reveals more gifts, talents and ways to serve. I see career as something left in my wake as I give my deepest gifts, and resonate with what the Hudson Institute says about career in their 13 New Rules for Living: “You are your career, a portfolio of ever-changing talents, skills, and preferences. Design your own work, over and over again, connected to the futures you prefer.”

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Writer & Health/Fitness Journalist  (Men’s Fitness and Other Magazines )  (4 yrs)

Writing was encouraged and nurtured especially by my dad, and I could always count on writing a heartfelt letter or card to clear my head or get me out of the doghouse. I was too chicken to be an English major in college, and thought that Journalism was more practical and marketable, so I took all the creative writing classes I could and ended up with a BA  in Magazine writing emphasizing Nutrition and Fitness. I am a curious inquisitive person and a fast learner with a good ability to describe things, so it seemed a good fit, and I did write a  product reviews for Men’s Fitness and event managed to publish some fiction in a national magazine before the next unlikely twist in the road..into financial services.

Financial Diplomat & Liasion  (Merrill Lynch) (5 yrs)

After college, I answered a classified ad in the newspaper and got a job at Merrill Lynch, which began a five year immersion in financial services. I was promoted four times at Merrill in as many years and in every role I used my translator/liaison skills to communicate and smooth difficult circumstances, including transferring accounts and recruiting brokers from competing brokerage firms, and managing requests from east coast and international branch offices.  The experience was a painfully structured one, full of quota but I learned about investment, retirement, and developed great phone skills. It also paid for my Masters Degree in Marketing and PR from the University of Denver, which began my next professional stage.

Information Architect & Webmaster  (IBM/JD Edwards and Aspen Research Group) (5 yrs)

After completing my Masters at the University of Denver, I left Merill Lynch and began a 7 year immersion in software development and IT starting at IBM and JD Edwards. It began a love affair with the clarity, rate of change, and speed of information exchange in IT, and an interest in structured context-sensitive content and information architecture, including online help and websites, and the power of pixels. I used my degree in Marketing and PR and Corporate Communication at JD Edwards, and at a technical analysis software development company called Aspen Research Group, where I served as Documentation Manager and Marketing Director/Webmaster for four years. In this role I translated “geek speak” into the silver-tongued glossy product brochures, manuals, and product posters for commodities and futures traders and analysts.

Director, Higher Education & Nonprofit Marketing/ PR  (5 and a half yrs)

My orientation in general is toward basic goodness and possibility so describing features and benefits and matching them with perceived needs come easily to me.  When the dot com bust happened, I transitioned into an opportunity as Marketing Director/Webmaster of a 25,000 student community college (Colorado Mountain College), where I experienced a new vantage point..nonprofits and service, community service and higher education, and I spent four years there recruiting students and helping produce all of the publications, ads, and website content including a new intranet, with a team of three people. Later, I moved into an even more heart-centered and soul-centered role as Marketing Director of Anderson Ranch  Arts Center, a prestigious visual arts center where oddly enough I realized for the first time that I was creative and possibly even artistic.  At Anderson Ranch I had a brief while to explore and experience many types of art and get my first taste of the art community and art world and patrons.

Life Coach, Photographer, & Conscious E-Branding Consultant (15 years and going)

The latest vocational evolution is through my own company, Dharma Communications, providing  emarketing and website design and development coaching and consulting, maintenance, optimization, and photography. It has grown into an amazingly expandable container for me to share my love of light, words, color, meaning, and symbol with like-minded conscious coaches, creatives, healers and teachers.  It continually expands and evolves in tandem with my capacity to fill It with all my loves and friends and all we have left to do in this world.

That love and light also splashes out into my spiritual life coaching and imagery, which is showcased at Doug Ellis Photography.

Empath, Healer & Intutive  (ongoing)

Even as a small child, I served as a kind of envoy or liaison between the material and spiritual worlds, the essence and idea, the literal and figurative. This balance of left/right brain and masculine feminine awareness is the common thread in all of my professional incarnations and the bedrock from which I create.  Initially that took the form of a kind of intuition or body sense, and that ability has stayed with me much of my life. It finds expression in my interest and affinity for healers, good energy, and my unconditional positive regard for anyone who bounces back from difficult life circumstances.

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