Spiritual Polyamory

“If you’re ready to be Light even though everyone hates you, you’re ready for yoga.”–David Deida

A spiritual mutt and slut since my late teens,  my experiments in consciousness ranged the gamut from Native American/Carlos Castanedian, to Taoism, Qi Gong, Catholicism, Unity, Rastafarianism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Tantra, Yoga, Energy/Pranic Healing, Reiki and Breema, Vipassana, being a Work Scholar and full-time Marketing Communications Manager and Webmaster at Esalen Institute, using The Sedona Method, The Work, attending University of Santa Monica, travelling the Asian Pacific and Japan, and using photography to be my being seeing my being.

I call myself spiritually polyamorous because even though after all these years I don’t have the foggiest idea what God is, and still I see no place He/She/It is absent.

I view any activity that allows one to temporarily drop their conditioning and personality as spiritual practice. As Rumi said so eloquently, “There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

30 years later, I find myself calling off the search, back full circle to the baby I always was, with a deeply felt sense of the truth of this quote:

“The seeds we sow are fed by the thoughts we think, protected by the words we offer one another, and watered by the gentleness with which we honor innocence. The garden grows within. There is nowhere to go but home.”

My perspective in that way is like appreciating all the frequencies of light, or all the different types of weather, knowing that there is no such thing as bad weather only different types of good weather.

I could go on at length about all the serendipitous things that have happened in my life, all the egoic escapades and spiritual dalliances, all the  chance encounters and times I was walking around in Maharaji’s palace without even knowing it, but I figured I would do a little image or video montage instead to just give you the feel. I am still working on that one. It might take the shape of a collage which I will put up here.

For now I will just leave these as breadcrumbs and also link to my list of recommended spiritual resources and teachers.

Enjoy the journey, remembering always that there is nothing you need to do or change in order to be that which you truly Are.

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